The 9 foot and the 12 foot U-Alley lengths can be combined to create a wide range of U-Alleys configurations. Each configuration offers a different length and angle. This can be critical if you need your cattle squeeze chute to be in a particular location.

The U shaped cattle handling alley can be built with both sides 66″ high, or with one side of the alley at 66″ and the inside of the alley at 60″. The optional walkway will work with both heights of alley. These walks hang on the inside of the curve.

A wide range of alley spreaders can be used in the creation of your U-Alley. The 32” fixed-width alley spreaders will allow you to build a non-adjustable U-Alley. In most cased however the adjustable 18” to 32” alley spreaders are used. The adjustable U-Alley spreaders are available with or without rolling doors. Additionally, Hi-Hog also offers a number of adjustable transition spreaders which will allow the U-Alley and the S-Alley to be combined.

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