hi-hog alley


While the S-Alley’s paneled sections are curved the alley spreaders are arranged in a straight line. A variety of alley spreaders are available depending on your needs. Hi-Hog has 32” fixed width alley spreaders as well as adjustable alley spreaders that allow width adjustments between 18” and 32”. The adjustable S-Alley will benefit those who work both calves and cows. Both the fixed and adjustable width spreaders are available with or without doors.

With the Adjustable S-Alley the width adjustments are accomplished quickly and easily and securely latched with a simple chain. The S-Alley’s connectors provide the flexibility to set up a fully adjustable alley on uneven ground while maintaining ease of adjustment. If an animal goes down in the alley you can quickly open the alley to the full width. If the animal is still unable to regain its footing you can quickly and simply remove two pins at one of the spreaders and open the alley up.

The curved panels have smooth sheeting on the inside of the alley to minimize the chance of livestock climbing out of the alley. The curved panels come in 60” and 66” heights so you can have an alley with both sides high or have a lower side where you hang your walkways. The high traction walkways are designed to follow the curve of the alley. Each walkway hangs on the stationary side of the alley on three hangers. An optional alley stop can be added to the alley to prevent livestock from backing up. We recommend you do not locate the alley stop in the first alley section as this will restrict flow out of the crowding tub.

The standard S-Alley measures 21’ in length. Additional S-Alley sections can be added to meet your needs. Each additional section adds 10’ to the alley’s length. In addition to adding sorting sections one can also combine the S-Alley with our Straight Alley as well as our U-Alley.

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