The Return Tub combines the standard Crowding Tub with a Bud Box.

Fill The Return Tub with livestock as you would in a standard crowding tub. When the cattle circle around the tub and find no exit they will want to return to where they came from. When they head back towards the entrance they will find the open path into the working chute and readily enter it. To help with livestock movement the operator moves in the opposite direction of the stock. As the operator moves from the working alley entrance towards the back of The Return Tub the livestock will turn and move in the opposite direction to attempt to get behind the operator. If the operator still has stock hesitating in the tub they can use the pivot gate to encourage the livestock forward. If possible, avoid pushing or overcrowding the stock in the tub. Bud Boxes often require the handler to be in the pen with the animals. This can present an unpredictable situation which can place the operator at risk. By using the tub and pivot gate we benefit from the safety of working the animals from the outside. Do not overfill the tub with livestock as this will only make it difficult for your livestock to locate the exit.

Hi-Hog’s products are designed to work together which allows you to create designs that fit your needs with standard stock products. All of the parts used in The Return Tub are standard items that are already used in our standard crowding tubs and handling systems. Here are two ways you can combine Hi-Hog’s components to create a Return Tub:

Option One: utilizes a four section crowding tub.

Option Two: utilizes a three section crowding tub.

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