• Livestock Chute


Hi-Hog’s handling system can be easily operated by one man. The parallel axis squeeze chute with it’s automatic headgate makes this possible. Simply set the headgate to receive the lead animal and then you are free to walk to the rear of the handling system where you can bring the first set of animals into the handling system. By working from behind your livestock you are able to work their flight zones and avoid animal hesitation in the alley or squeeze. The lead animal, with no operator distracting them at the squeeze, will enter the squeeze and trigger the headgate with little effort or hesitation. After the lead animal has been processed simply release the headgate and reset it for the next animal. Once again you are free to walk away from the squeeze and focus on working the flight zones of your livestock.

1. Simple, effortless parallel squeeze action draws both chute sides inward and forward.  The squeeze comes with gently tapered sides providing superior control while keeping your livestock centered and balanced.

2. The fully reversible controls operate smoothly and quickly.

3. Hi-Hog’s double ratchet squeeze design provides greater control and continuous width adjustments from 32″ down to 12″.

4. Sort three ways with Hi-Hog’s PA Squeeze. In addition to releasing your livestock through the headgate you are free to sort out of either side of the chute. For your convenience both sides can be opened from the operator’s side. Should an animal go down in this chute the superior accessibility will minimize the threat of injury to your livestock.

5. Each squeeze side is equipped with four side access panels which swing down and out of the way for clear, unobstructed access.

6. To ensure a durable safe and quiet chute all closed-in panels are sheeted with 14 ga. sheet metal and are caulked to minimize noise.

7. With two lower access panels on each side of the squeeze you have greater control over animal access. There are no boards to remove, no slippery panels to kneel on, no side swinging gates to get in your way. The lower access panels simply swing up and lock securely out of your way leaving you room to work.

8. An optional Sternum Bar can be added to deter livestock from going down while in the chute.  The sternum bar pins into brackets which bolt to the floor of the chute.

9. When it’s cold outside we don’t expect you to freeze your hands simply to operate your chute. For this reason all latches and controls can be easily operated with mitts on.

10. Hi-Hog’s gear driven headgate handle is mounted on the outside frame to provide a faster response as well as keeping the operator safely out of the headgate opening.

11. Hi-Hog’s neck injection door provides 9.25″ x 56.75″ of access. It comes with a slam latch and, for added security, a secondary slide lock.

12. The superior quality extends to the little details that are often overlooked by others. For example the use of high quality 3/8” double braided nylon ropes, and custom tooled durable nylon pulleys. While other squeezes are failing Hi-Hog’s chute will continue to offer trouble free operation.

13. The rear drop down panel includes built in pockets for those who prefer to use a back-up bar.

14. The rear tailgate locks both up and down. The responsive rope control frees the handler to effectively work your livestock’s flight zone. As an animal enters the squeeze you can rest the tailgate on its hips freeing you to work your livestock. As this animal moves forward the gate will drop and lock down. To assist you in lifting the tailgate we have added a built-in counterweight.

15. Hi-Hog’s parallel axis cattle squeeze chute is the only squeeze on the market with tapered sides.

16. Rugged durable design built with 100% extra heavy duty steel construction.

17. The heavy duty squeeze platform will accept most standard load bars.

18. Durable checker-plate floor includes aggressive 1.25” traction ribs.

Hi-Hog’s automatic headgate is designed to be simple but extremely functional. Great care has gone into the design of this headgate to ensure it operates quickly and effortlessly. This headgate can also be mounted on the Hi-Hog calving enclosure or calving trimming chute. An optional neck extender can also be quickly added.

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