The parallel movement of the hydraulically controlled sides ensure that your cattle are always centered and balanced in the chute. Hi-Hog’s hydraulic chute includes two side exits. Both sides can be quickly opened from the operator’s side for sorting or releasing livestock. Both side exits come with a simple slide lock to prevent accidental opening. Each side of the cattle chute includes four drop down access doors to provide superior control and access. These doors fold down flat and out of your way. Each side of the cattle chute includes two lower access doors to provide superior control and access. These doors swing up and lock safely out of your way.

All solid panels are sheeted with hotroll and caulked to minimize noise. Quick access shoulder doors provide access for shoulder brands. All heavy pivot points include hinge collars equipped with grease zerts and come pre-greased for smooth, quiet operation. Superior quality 3/8″ double braided nylon ropes for years of smooth, trouble free operation. The inside of the chute is smooth with no foot traps.

The sliding headgate comes standard with a removable neck extender. Also includes a head restraint chain. The 340 degree range of the hydraulic control arm frees the operator to work the flight zone of the animal. All of the gate latches are designed for quick and easy one-hand operation (even while wearing mitts), latches also come with slide locks and horn guards to ensure livestock won’t open the gates on their own. Both the hydraulic headgate and tailgate open to the full width of the squeeze to reduce livestock stress and hesitation when entering or exiting the squeeze chute. The noise of a power pack mounted on the chute will often cause excessive stress and cause livestock to hesitate. For this reason, Hi-Hog’s power pack is equipped with extra hydraulic hose so you can locate your power pack where it won’t adversely effect your livestock.

Individual circuit controls for safe processing of all cattle sizes even with inexperienced operators. Hydraulic locks on each circuit allow for a low-pressure catch and positive lock hold.

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