1. Trailer lifting Adapter

  2. Carrier brackets for manual chutes (Items 1550 and 1551)

  3. Carrier brackets for hydraulic chute (Item 1556)

  4. 7” front lifting tube (7”long x 1.05” OD)

  5. Adapter Pin

  6. Adapter Hitch Pin

  7. Trailer Guides (0.1875” x 1.5” x 12” Flatbar)

Select the arrow in the top right corner to see details of where to weld the 7” lifting tube and the carrier brackets on your existing squeeze chute.

The 7” front lifting tube should be centered on the front face of the lower cross-member of the squeeze headgate. If your squeeze chute is equipped with a neck extender (restraint), the 7” front lifting tube should be welded onto the lower cross-member of the neck extender frame.

The trailer guides and carrier brackets are mounted on either side of the squeeze chute towards the rear of the chute (as shown). Consult the images on the left for details on the specific locations. Please note that there are different carrier brackets for the hydraulic squeeze chute and the manual squeeze chute.

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