The curve of the inside funnel panel contributes to the efficiency of the crowding tub. As the pivot gate closes on the livestock the cattle will often turn to face the pivot point of the moving crowding gate and can get wedged in the corner. The curved face of the funnel panel bends into the crowding tub and eliminates the wedge at the pivot point. The cattle can then focus on the exit into the working alley.

The visual relationship between the crowding tub and the working alley is critically important. From the viewpoint of the cattle in the crowding tub your cattle should see clearly at least one body length up the working alley. If the cattle cannot see into the alley or there is something in the alley that distracts the cattle your livestock will hesitate or refuse to enter the working alley without added pressure and stress. The exit of a funnel crowding tub is highly visible. The curved face of the funnel panel flows seamlessly into the working alley directing the livestock clearly to the exit.

Handling techniques will also affect the efficiency of your cattle processing. We are frequently asked how many animals you can fit in a crowding tub. Of course this will vary based on the crowding tub design and the size of the cattle that you will be filling the crowding tub with. When you are handling your cattle remember the importance of your cattle’s perspective from inside the tub. To enter the working alley smoothly your cattle need to clearly see the entrance to the working alley. If they can’t see the exit they won’t know where to go and they will turn their attention to the crowding gate. When a crowding tub is overfilled or overcrowded your livestock will be unable to move to find the exit. And if you have an animal standing with its butt in the alley and no room to move your flow will come to a stop.

  • Three section funnel crowding tub with load-out gate

  • Two section funnel crowding tub with load-out gate

  • One section funnel crowding tub with load-out gate

All the Hi-Hog crowding tubs are completely reversible which means that each tub assembly can be set up for either a clockwise or counter-clockwise operation.

Sometimes the standard funnel crowding tub configuration will not fit your facility requirements. In these situations one of the optional funnel designs shown here may meet your needs.

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