You will find a range of sample cattle handling systems on the following page. Each plan has several options for you to choose from such as;

Squeeze Options: manual squeeze or hydraulic squeeze chute. You may also add squeeze options such as a sternum bar or a squeeze transport kit.

Palpation Options: adjustable palpation cage, non-adjustable palpation cage or a PASS Section.

Alley Options: S-Alley, U-Alley, straight sided alley, combination alley and double alley. You can also vary alley lengths and heights. Or you may choose between an adjustable width alley or fixed width alley and include rolling doors and alley stops where you need them.

Tub Options: Lastly, you can combine system parts to create over sixty different crowding tubs or build your own Bud box with our standard panels and gates. Add a loading chute or a calf tipping table too.