Hi-Hog’s heavy duty tub spreaders run overhead rather than on the ground. Pipes or flat steel ground braces create foot traps for your livestock and tripping hazards for the handler. To eliminate foot traps Hi-Hog also extends the curved tub panels all the way to the ground. For better control the tub panels are 66” high. On occasion livestock sometimes get their feet up on the top rail. This is why the top horizontal rail extends to the overhead tub spreader to ensure legs don’t drop down in between the panels. Calm livestock are easier and safer to work. This is why Hi-Hog caulks the sheet metal tub panels to minimize noise.

Hi-Hog’s heavy-duty 20’ diameter, fully reversible livestock crowding tub is constructed with 66” high sheeted curved panels. These panels are held in position by overhead tub spreaders anchored with ground stakes. The solid pivot gate comes mounted in its own frame. The hinges are 2-7/8” OD x 4” and come with grease zerks for outstanding year round performance. The spring loaded pivot gate latch is rubber coated for smooth, quiet and secure operation. A wide range of components can be combined to create hundreds of different tub designs to meet your needs. Tubs can be set up for clockwise or counter clockwise operation.

A good handling system design will ensure the livestock can see clearly one body length into the alley that the crowding tub is feeding. To maximize efficiency and minimize stress allow enough room for your livestock to turn so they can find the alley and ensure your first section of alley is clearly visible from the perspective of your livestock in the crowding tub. Do not overfill your crowding tub.

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