While the exit will not be found as quickly as with the funnel tub this design does a good job of maximizing flow in such a compact tub. The first helpful design detail locates the exit 180° from the direction the livestock were flowing when they entered the tub. It is well recognized that livestock want to return to where they came from when they are pressured. The second design feature locates the exit beside the pivot point of the crowding gate. Livestock will often turn to face the moving pivot gate when they feel pressure. Because they may not immediately see the exit they will turn to face the pivot gate and find the exit.

The drawings at left show the parts required to create two different sizes of cattle crowding tubs with the compact reverse design.

  • The two section tub will redirect the cattle approximately 180°

  • The one section tub will redirect the cattle approximately 150°

Please note that overfilling the tub will slow down your processing. A good handling system design will ensure the livestock can see clearly one body length into the alley that the crowding tub is feeding. To maximize efficiency and minimize stress allow enough room for your livestock to turn so they can find the alley and ensure your first section of alley is clearly visible from the perspective of your livestock from inside the crowding tub.

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