1. The calving chute comes with our rugged self-catch automatic head gate. This head gate is based on the one found on our Parallel Axis Squeeze Chute and is identical to the head gate on our calving pen / maternity pen.

2. The self-catch automatic head gate sets quickly with a simple chain set. As long as the chain is set to the correct width you should never miss an animal.

3. The head gate opens full width in and out to avoid hip-lock

4. The head gate has three adjustments on each side at both the top and the bottom. This adjustability makes this a very versatile chute capable of holding new born calves right up to mature bulls.

5. If you are preparing unbroken livestock for show you will appreciate the addition of Hi-Hog’s heavy duty head tie-up bar.

6. The chute includes a solid reinforced steel checker plate floor for superior durability.

7. The floor includes heavy traction bars welded in two directions for livestock stability.

8. Because the animal is standing on the floor they can’t run away with the chute.

9. Ratchets in the rear of the calving chute floor allow the 66″ high side split panels to be safely squeezed together to hold your animal centered in the chute.

10. The provided tail chain can be latched across the rear of the calving chute to hold your cow secure.

11. The chute includes four independent split panels hinged at the head gate.

12. The upper and lower split panels can be latched together to act as one side panel.

13. Swing the bottom panel out on either side of the chute to give access for a calf to get started on the cow

14. Swing all the side panels out and insert the grooming posts in one of the two receivers on each side of the chute floor to have full access to your livestock for unrestricted trimming and grooming.

15. There are enormous stresses where the head gate is attached to the steel floor which is why Hi-Hog has extended braces to provide additional durability.

16. The calving chute comes with connectors on all four corners of the chute so you can connect with any of Hi-Hogs panels. This makes it possible to easily add panels to make a calving pen or to integrate this item in with a calving barn penning.

17. Add a palpation cage to the back and this chute makes an inexpensive starter squeeze chute.

Hi-Hog’s optional neck extender can be added to the calving head gate to provide additional head control. For more information on our neck extender see neck extender under PA Squeeze options.

Note: If you add the optional neck extender to the calving head gate you will no longer be able to use the handle to operate the headgate manually. You will need to set the headgate by hand (release the headgate locks and push the headgate into the chute), and let the animal catch itself with the self catch automatic headgate.

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