The self-catch calving pen head gate with adjustable stanchions is centered in the front panel to provide unmatched access to the cow. The centered position of the cow offers excellent access to either side which is particularly good when you are trying to get twins to suck, or if you’re trying to milk out on one side while a calf sucks on the other side. The convenient handler gates on either side of the head gate come with self-locking plunger latches for quick secure access. Like the trimming chute the calving enclosure comes with split side panels mounted to the front calving enclosure frame. These panels can be swung out to the sides of the enclosure to assist in catching the cow. The split panels will hit the sides at an angle leaving a safe zone at the front of the enclosure for the handler. When calving is over you can easily remove the split panels to create a 10’ x 10’ pen. The overall enclosure size including front extensions is 10’ wide x 12’ long x 66″ high. The rear frame & gate is 10’ wide x 7’ tall so that it will fit inside most barns.This heavy duty self-catch headgate, which is standard equipment in our Calving/Trimming chute and Calving Enclosure, can also be bolted to a set of posts. The economical calving headgate has many of the same features as our heavy duty Automatic PA cattle squeeze headgate. Unlike the PA cattle squeeze head gate this head gate does not include sheet metal side guards or a head-tie-down chain. Both the headgate handle and the width adjustment drop pins are simplified. Like the PA cattle squeeze head gate the calving head gate will open fully both in and out of the calving chute. This eliminates the threat of hip lock found with other head gates.

Note: If you add the optional neck extender to the calving head gate you will no longer be able to use the handle to operate the headgate manually. You will need to set the headgate by hand (release the headgate locks and push the headgate into the chute), and let the animal catch itself with the self catch automatic headgate.

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